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Professional Advisors

Advisor Information

Chances are, your clients are already supporting causes they care about. As their advisor, you have the expertise to help them ensure their generous gifts have a maximum, lasting impact on the community while helping them take advantage of tax savings that come with giving.

At the Charlotte Community Foundation, our goal is to partner WITH YOU as you help your clients plan for charitable giving. Whether your clients are interested in improving community health, supporting educational programs for students, passionate about animals, or something different, we can help them make a difference – not just today, but for generations to come. Below are some of the funds we offer at CCF.

Why Partner With Us?

The Charlotte Community Foundation works with local nonprofits focused on a wide variety of causes that can help your clients ensure that their charitable wishes are carried out as they intend. We can provide you with the tools and information needed to discuss charitable giving with your clients.

Additionally, as a community foundation, CCF has the unique ability to accept complex gifts of tangible, intangible, real estate, bequests, and more. We can work with you to ensure your clients’ charitable goals are fulfilled.

Types of Funds

Agency Funds

An excellent financial opportunity available only to nonprofits.

Community Funds

Your contribution to the Community Fund supports a broad range of local needs.

Designated Fund

You choose the nonprofit you want to support.

Donor Advised Funds

You recommend the recipients

Field of Interest Funds

You desiginate the general area of your passion.

Scholarship Funds

Higher education opportunities for everyone.

Ways to Give

From cash to securities to naming the Charlotte Community Fund as a beneficiary on an insurance policy, there are a wide variety of ways to create your own fund or add to an existing fund.

Fee Information

The Charlotte Community Foundation has a management feel of .38% through Vanguard and an Administration fee of up to 1.5%

Advisor Managed Funds