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Agency Funds

Managing over $1,400,000 in Agency Funds

An excellent financial opportunity available only to nonprofits

Any nonprofit which has a 501(C)(3) designation from the State of Florida can establish an Agency Fund with $25,000 through the Charlotte Community Foundation (CCF). The nonprofit will receive an annual distribution at the end of 12 months. (Currently 4%) Agency Funds are pooled with CCF assets under management ($15M) and will reflect market gains or losses over time. Agency can either take the distribution and/or use it for nonprofit needs or can instruct CCF to add the distribution to the fund, thereby allowing the fund to grow. Any investment earnings over the 4% distribution are added to the fund.

 Agency Fund

After 12 months of establishing the Agency Fund, the nonprofit may withdraw funds in any year at any time. This non-endowed Agency Fund will earn an annual distribution in accordance with the Foundation’s Distribution Policy, which is currently 4%.  Funds belong to the nonprofit and can be removed in event of unexpected needs. Administration fees are 1.5%.

Advantages of an Agency Fund

  • Agency Fund participants become CCF Partners.
  • The nonprofit can utilize our organizational assets and facilitate the investment process.
  • CCF handles all the “back office work” such as IRS reporting and compliance, investment services, administration, etc. required while the nonprofit focus is on their mission.
  • CCF provides the oversite of investments and alleviates the nonprofit’s fiduciary responsibility.
  • As a CCF partner, the nonprofit gains exposure through CCF marketing and promotion, which could encourage prospective donors to donate to the nonprofit through CCF.
  • Partnering with CCF demonstrates the nonprofits commitment to sound fiscal management and long term fiscal planning to donors.
  • Partnering with CCF provides a way for donors to donate complex gifts such as stocks, life insurance or property.

CCF Agency Funds