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Donor Advised Funds

Over $1.3 Million in Unrestricted Funds for Local NonProfit Organizations

You Recommend the Recipients Annually

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a unique way for individuals or families to make charitable gifts to nonprofit organizations in your local community or nationwide. You recommend distributions to CCF staff anytime throughout the year for immediate community needs, projects or general operating expenses of a nonprofit. Donor involvement in the decision-making process is a perfect opportunity for many families who want to instill a spirit of philanthropy for their children and future generations.  DAF funds cannot be granted to individuals or in any way benefit the donor or their advisors or relatives (e.g., compensation, expense reimbursement, charitable event tickets or personal pledges.)

How It Works

  • Open a Donor Advised Fund with a gift of $10,000 or more and receive tax benefits in the year your gift is made.
  • There are no start-up costs and no annual minimum requirements on distributions.
  • You can access the funds to make distribution recommendations immediately or you may choose to let it grow.
  • CCF handles all administrative responsibilities including investment management, processing distribution checks and sending out gift acknowledgments.
  • You may make additional contributions to your fund at any time, and receive an immediate tax benefit.