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What We Do

We believe philanthropy is engaging and values-driven, so we help individuals, families, and groups examine their values so they can define and achieve their charitable goals.

We are conscientious stewards of our donors’ generosity; we take that responsibility very seriously. We believe philanthropy is most powerful when it connects generosity to community needs. Our donors can tap into our knowledge and connection to the community and a wide range of philanthropic areas. We also offer experience facilitating discussions and decisions across generations.

We partner with professional advisors to help them guide their clients’ philanthropic journeys. We also work with nonprofit partners to ensure their futures by establishing and expanding their endowment funds.

We offer all of our fund advisors and partners trusted, personal service to achieve their philanthropic goals today, and ensure their charitable legacies endure in the future.

Causes That Matter

 The Charlotte Community Foundation supports scholarships for students, funds education programs for youth, provides for the welfare of animals, helps protect and restore the environment and much, much more.

Health & Wellness

Safeguarding health is fundamental to working for the common good. By promoting wellness, preventing illness and harm, and treating injury and disease, communities protect their most valuable asset: human life. The Charlotte Community Foundation has been focused on improving health and wellness in our community since we were first created as a support organization for Adventist Hospital.

Youth Development
Throughout history, across cultures and around the world, people have reached out to help improve the lives of others. From providing essential sustenance and protection, to offering community support and understanding, the Charlotte Community Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations to help improve the lives of children and families in our community.
Since its inception, Charlotte Community Foundation has supported education programs throughout the community to help improve the quality of life for our residents. We encourage nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting education for our students to apply for grants to support their programs and initiatives. We also help students fulfill their dreams by making higher education a reality through a number of endowed scholarship funds. Scholarship support is not intended solely for high school students and we encourage Charlotte County adults furthering their education to apply.
Animal Welfare
Animals enrich our lives. Some are the close companions we love and shelter while others perform services that support public safety and health. Lillian J. Adams knew the value of caring for these members of our community when she created the Fund for Animal Welfare at the Charlotte Community Foundation. Through this dedicated fund, the Charlotte Community Foundation supports Canine Castaways, Inc., of Arcadia, an all-volunteer organization that fosters dogs until they can find forever homes. The Lillian J. Adams Fund also supports the Suncoast Humane Society, Inc., of Englewood, as well as training programs involving the use of dogs in law enforcement, rescue and life safety and support for the ongoing care of these special dogs after their active service has ended.

Charlotte County residents have been tied to the environment since the Calusa Indians called this region home some 5,000 years ago. Today, we remain dependent upon our environment whether we are enjoying a spectacular sunset, spending a day boating on Charlotte Harbor or even enjoying our favorite restaurant’s catch of the day. The Charlotte Community Foundation supports programs that educate the public about our unique environment — from its mangroves to its manatees — as well as those that protect and restore it.

Arts & Culture

Civilization depends on art. The human experience is uncovered, understood and recorded through artistic expression. From the potential unlocked in a young child’s mind to the lessons imparted from generations past, the arts serve to define us as individuals, connect us as a community and advance us as a people.

Community Development

From families to neighborhoods to regions to nations, communities are born through connections among people. Communities that connect and balance the needs of people, business and the environment, create social, economic and ecological value that translates to community development, growth and sustainability.

Human & Social Services

The Charlotte Community Foundation partnered with the United Way of Charlotte County and Charlotte County Human Services to identify the most pressing needs in our community and the gaps in services provided. The result was the “Charlotte County Community Needs Assessment” — the first undertaken in more than a decade. This assessment identified real opportunities we have to improve the lives of all of our residents, especially those who are most vulnerable.