Scholarship Information

The Charlotte Community Foundation manages many scholarships for fields of study in medical, engineering and general studies for students who reside in and go to school in Charlotte County. 
Our donors are passionate about your education!
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The following Scholarships are available:

What you need to know prior to filling out your application.

  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    You can begin the FAFSA on October 1st of your senior year, with the prior years tax return.  It’s important to remind your parents to complete their taxes early, so the FAFSA can be completed before the deadline.  For example, for the 2018-2019 school year, may begin FAFSA on October 1, 2017 using 2016 Filed Tax Return.  The SAR (Student Aid Report) is the only document that needs to be uploaded which shows the Estimated Family Contribution.
  • A written essay up to 1 typed page will be required.
  • High School and/or College Transcripts are required.
  • SAT and/or ACT Scores may be required.
  • Review the FAQs and scholarship descriptions before applying.

You will be asked to attach documents to your application. If these documents exist in electronic format, you can attach them using the “Browse” button inside the application.  If they are not in electronic format, you will need to check with your guidance department to see if they can be scanned into a PDF for your application process.

About the Determination Process

  • Scholarship recipients are selected based upon the specific criteria made by each fund’s donor. Each scholarship application is reviewed for completion of all required elements.
  • Every application is reviewed by a member of the Charlotte Community Foundation’s volunteer Scholarship Review Committee.
  • After all applications are reviewed, the Charlotte Community Foundation’s Board of Directors will evaluate all recommendations and approve the scholarship awards.

Notification of Awards

  • Recipients of each scholarship will be notified by Charlotte Community Foundation by the beginning of May. If a student has not been notified, it means he/she was not awarded a scholarship this year.

Payment of Awards

  • Payments are mailed directly to the school’s financial aid office before the beginning of each school year. Checks are made payable to the school and not to the individual recipient.


Scholarship Recipient Anna Bonilla

Thank you to the donor who provided my scholarship.My name is Anna Bonilla, and I would like to share my story. In my 20s, I decided to leave my hometown and pursue an education in California. I graduated from California State University with my Bachelors…

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Scholarship Recipient Bessie Connor Switzer – Leo Wotitzky Scholarship

The Charlotte Community Foundation scholarship that I received was the Leo Wotitzky Scholarship.  This scholarship has helped me to achieve my goal of going to college without loans.  I have been able to focus on my studies and become involved in…

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Sue Zawacki, BSN RN

Scholarship Recipient Testimonial

I received my BSN in 1985 and after 33 years of practicing nursing I made a decision to go back to school to earn a master’s degree in nursing leadership.

The scholarship I received from the Charlotte Community Foundation is extremely valuable as it eases the financial burden of the cost associated with seeking an advanced degree. This allows the opportunity to focus on my studies and alleviates the worries associated with the financial obligation of tuition. Since receiving the scholarship I have a feeling of connection with the Charlotte Community Foundation as their generosity is assisting me to gain additional education in nursing leadership.

I am currently enrolled in the Nurse Executive track at the University of West Florida’s online MSN program. I am in my fourth class and will complete the four core classes once this class finishes in December 2018. My spring and summer 2019 semesters will include three specific classes for the Nurse Executive program. In the fall of 2019 I will begin the first of three semesters for my practicum which will lead to the completion of the MSN program in the summer of 2020.

The Charlotte Community Foundation holds education in high regard as demonstrated by the generous gifts they give in the form of scholarship funds to Charlotte County residents. This affords many the opportunity to complete higher education at levels they may not have been able to afford without the scholarship. The outcome is positive for the community as this results in more highly educated Charlotte County residents who in turn utilize their education in many ways to better the community.

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