Sharon Howe Memorial Fund


Sharon’s life was short, living only 46 years, however in that short time she brought light and love to all she met. With her infectious laugh and beautiful smile, she would always look on the bright side and try to be a person to help. She would always tell her daughters to do one good thing a day, she called this act “Good Doobie Deeds” and it could be something as simple as holding the door for someone or just a simple compliment to a stranger, but always do SOMETHING to make a difference.

This mindset was instilled into her two daughters, Sarah and Beki, who have decided, on the 20th anniversary of her passing, to start a memorial fund to help those in the community in need and to inspire others to spread cheer and kindness in Sharon’s honor and memory.

Whatever way you see fit, whether it’s an act of kindness or monetary donation, the purpose is to bring a little joy to the world around you.

The Sharon Howe Memorial Fund was established to leave a legacy of kindness, positivity, caring, and service in the community by promoting and performing acts of kindness and monetary support to those in need in our community.